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GRIPPE is an independent cross-functional branding & design company that creates, aligns and manages unique branded experiences for large and small companies across all channels.








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At GRIPPE, we are very passionate about branding, design, and marketing. We love building unique brands, and making them as engaging as they can possibly be. We are content creators, storytellers, marketers, students of popular culture, entrepreneurship, innovation and design thinking that believe context is everything.

We think that one of the most important and underemphasized strategic factors in shaping this context is how a brand is visualized and how its story is told. It is also one of our contentions that decisions are overwhelmingly emotional no matter how subjective and rational they may appear to be. What a brand looks like, feels like and sounds like is perhaps the most fundamentally important way to emphasize that a company is different than any other company that does what it does. Too often, it’s an afterthought or given less of an emphasis and investment.

It’s essential to create a unique brand pattern. This framework for emotional and experiential engagement turns mediocre marketing and advertising into great marketing and advertising, and great digital and social marketing into excellent digital and social marketing. By ensuring a constant focus on how a brand consistently engages its participants from the most general context to the most specific personal experience, a clear pattern emerges that serves as the foundation of lasting relationships, and communities of loyalty.

Send us an email. We would love to have a chat about how we might help you FIND YOUR BRAND PATTERN.

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