GRIPPE is looking for highly motivated, adaptable, and creative people to take part in in various opportunities. If you are comfortable pushing boundaries, want to be part of something different and better, that doesn’t exist anywhere else, you may be perfect for us. If you don’t fit in anywhere else, you may fit in with us. If you want to take part in creating the workplace you have always dreamed about but never found, we would love you to consider getting in touch with us.

  • If you have been having trouble getting your great creative accepted over the typical stuff you see from many of the places you have worked, this may be the place for you.
  • If you take your business or creative skills super seriously, but yourself not as much, you may be a great fit.
  • If you have a great sense of humor and appreciate sarcasm, then we like you already.
  • If you think there is always something that can be done better, or move the bar higher for your clients, we see eye to eye.

See below for the skills we are looking for and check back often for additions:


We need someone who can sell pushy ideas without being too pushy, but is not a pushover. Are you a person that loves people?  Are you a new business machine? If you believe at your core that great creative is the basis of great differentiated, branded ideas and can sell that with passion, we would love to meet you. No order-takers please.

If you think you are a good fit for any of the above, email us at info@grippecreative.com. We look forward to meeting you over a beer or two. We’ll buy.

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