What We Believe

The foundation of what we offer is at the core of what we believe:

  • The work comes first. Unique, differentiated, relevant, and of a high quality regardless of budget.
  • Our up front investment of hard work in our client-partners brand will yield optimal dividends for the both of us over time.
  • We will always treat our client-partners business as if it was our own by always asking the question, “What would we do if it was our money or professional reputation on the line?”
  • We believe in a bakers dozen.
  • Candor is essential. Acquiescence is poisonous. We will NEVER simply tell you what we think you want to hear. We will honestly express our professional opinion and what we think are the best set of options, regardless of whether it is best for us.
  • Ideas must be cultivated. Cross-functional teams with broad interests and backgrounds in addition to their core branding and design skill set are the most productive team profile, especially when they get a chance to participate in projects beyond their usual skill silo and cross-pollinate initiatives, avoiding typical assumptions and groupthink.
  • No one works harder than a child at play (a great concept that I never forgot from a brilliant management consultant that I was lucky enough to work with – thanks Abe).


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